Christian Hornbostel has gathered quite a big crowd of followers for many years with his consistent output of quality and varied styled productions. He's an artist that seems to have the ability to turn his hand and magic into many styles of electronic music whilst his consistency, quality and presence always remain at the forefront.

He was well known in the 90's for being one of the men behind Renaissance anthem Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico and also VFR - Tranceillusion beside a list of other pseudonym projects.

He remixed some of house music's finest names, including Satoshi Tomiie, Joi Cardwell and Deep Forest before signing his own projects with labels like SetAbout, Kling Klong Records, Natura Viva, Phobos, Dense Audio, Smashead.. just to mention a few.

His music is played from artists such as Chris Liebing, Pan-Pot, Stacey Pullen, Metodi Hristov, John Digweed, Gregor Tresher, Petar Dundov, Sasha, Tiga, Francesco Farfa, Hatzler, Skober, Luigi Madonna, Lutzenkirchen and many more.


Latest Production




Christian Hornbostel - Speed Load in A.G. - Headquarter
Christian Hornbostel - Into Your Mind - UK Southeast
Christian Hornbostel vs. Aroma - Intellectual Insecta - Haunebu III
Joy Cardwell - Soul to bare (Christian Hornbostel Remix) - Eight Balls
Satoshi Tomiie ft. D.Charlemagne - Come to me (Christian Hornbostel Remix) - Sony
Deep Forest - Endangered Species (Christian Hornbostel Remix) - Saint George
Christian Hornbostel - Species Ep (incl. Namito Remix) - Kling Klong
Christian Hornbostel - Zeigeist Ep (incl. Metodi Hristov Remix) - Kling Klong
Christian Hornbostel - Materia Prima Ep (incl. Petar Dundov Remix) - Kling Klong
Radioplay - JustusPeterBob (Christian Hornbostel Remix) - Gold Records
Gellert - Se-Sam (Christian Hornbostel Remix) - Natura Viva Music
Christian Hornbostel - LZ130 EP (incl. Skober Remix) - Kling Klong
Devid Dega, Julian Ess - Meteora (Christian Hornbostel Remix) La Famiglia Rec.
Christian Hornbostel - Ranges Ep (incl. Hertz Remix) - Tauten
Christian Hornbostel - Quasar/Pulsar - Natura Viva Music
Christian Hornbostel - Assertive Transition Ep (incl. Metodi Hristov Remix) - SetAbout
Obrotka - Strange Trip to Mars (Christian Hornbostel Remix) - Astronaut Music
Christian Hornbostel - Spark Gap / Duplex - Smashead Records
Christian Hornbostel - Sol Invictus - Pata Pata Group
Christian Hornbostel - Unconventional Investigation - Phobos
Christian Hornbostel - Boil Over EP - Fierce Animals
Christian Hornbostel - Ampere / Interval (incl. Huminal & Bonaca Remix) – Particles
Christian Hornbostel - Angular Momentum – TotemTraxx
Christian Hornbostel - Hit the Beat EP (incl. Lemon Inc. Remix) – Ovest Music
Christian Hornbostel - Isotropic (Ryan Michael Robbins Remix & Shosho Remix) Smashead
Christian Hornbostel - Sensor / Biomimetic (incl. AlBird & Abstrakt UK Remix) – Ballroom
Christian Hornbostel - Glide Slop EP – Black Kat


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